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By submitting this form, you grant HTC the permission to access and review your account as necessary to respond to your inquiry. Frequently Asked Questions. Closed Captioning: Send problems and questions to Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Manager of Customer Relations, 3480 Hwy 701 North, Post Office Box 1820, Conway, SC 29528, fax: 843-365-0855 Step 3: Inspect the USB cable used for charging. After doing the first two steps and your HTC 10 is still not charging, you should check the USB cable you're using HTC Vive troubleshooting guide Make sure the 3.5mm audio cable is securely connected at the top of the headset. Check all the cables connected to the link box for any loose connections If using an HDMI cable, try a Mini-DP video cable; This could be faultly hardware, unfortunately. Contact VIVE support so they can assist you with submitting a more detailed system log to check for more advanced problems. No audio Make sure the system audio is set to Vive; Restart your experience application; Choppy vie Step 1: Unplug the link cables from your PC. Step 2: Navigate to SteamVR > Settings > General, and make sure the Developer Settings box is checked. Step 3: Click Reset in the sidebar. Step 4.

HTC Desire 530 HTC Desire 530 (Open Mobile) HTC Desire 530 (T-Mobile HTC Sync Manager is a free program for the PC/Mac that makes it easier for HTC owners to transfer media to the device, as well as sync data such as contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and. If your TV says no signal even though it's set to the correct source or input as the cable box, what you're facing is a network reception issue. You can first try to power off the TV, wait for a few minutes and restart. If the problem continues, you'll need to examine the individual connections one by one for troubleshooting The HTC One (M8) is a fantastic smartphone, showcasing HTC's continued commitment to build quality and design, along with a much improved software experience that packs its fair share of useful.

How To Fix HTC 10 Wont Charge And Other Charging Issues

When HTC installs a digital cable receiver we enable a setting on the receiver called Optimal Stereo which constantly outputs audio at a fixed level and then the user is able to control the TV's volume as they wish. This setting is found under the home menu, then setup, then audio setup, then toggle to Optimal Stereo and select For more information, you may refer to this SteamVR Troubleshooting article. Restart the headset: From your computer, open the SteamVR app. Right-click , and then click Restart headset. Wait for the headset to finish restarting. Check the cable connections: Make sure that your cable connections are securely attached on both ends HTC Supports. Our new support section. American Cancer Society. Heart Health. Giving Back to the Community. Call Before You Dig. Salute to American Veterans. Three Cs of Cable Rates. High-Speed Internet. SPAM Protection. Tips for Wi-Fi. Dangers of Cyberbullying. Internet Safety 101. Facebook Safety. Security. Geo Services Buy Now: HTC 10 at Amazon.com from $566 (apester:56e14378251215382eb53577) If you're experiencing any issues with the HTC 10, let us know in the comments below

Missing cable might be the cause of that red light, if you are lucky. Okay, I was hoping that a good usb to usb cable would work, but the light on the headset is still solid red. I know it would be best to just get the original cable, but I seriously can't find it anywhere Check volume of HTC-VIVE-0 Audio Device within Windows Volume Mixer. Click on Volume Icon in task tray, find volume slider for HTC-VIVE-0, set to 50%. Check volume of program playing audio within Windows Volume Mixer. Click on Volume Icon in task tray, Click on Mixer under HTC-VIVE- volume slider. Find program that is playing sound Check USB/charging cable/USB port on your HTC U11. As mentioned earlier, a faulty USB cord, charging cable, and USB port on your phone can be the main reason as to why it is unable to charge properly HTC One X Troubleshooting . HTC One X was Released April 2012 by HTC and is a touchscreen based smartphone. It may simply be an issue with the charger or cable itself, not your phone. Try to charge your phone using a different charger than the one you've had issues with Allow the cable box 5-10 minutes to fully reset. As your cable box restarts, the lights on the display will blink or it will say Boot. You may also see a loading bar or icon on your TV screen while the box restarts. Leave the cable box alone and don't touch any buttons on the remote until it's finished loading

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  1. The HTC Sync Manager also fails to recognize the device. Potential solutions: Make sure that the USB drivers are updated on your PC, that the phone is updated, and that the cable isn't at fault
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  3. HTC Vive troubleshooting: Fixes, solutions and tips for common set-up problems. Get whichever type of cable you need ahead of time and avoid disappointment when yours arrives
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The Ultimate HTC Vive Setup & Troubleshooting Guid

The Most Common HTC Vive Problems, and How to Fix Them

FIX HTC RUU flashing Errors Message & RUU Troubleshooting and Error Recovery HTC_RUU_Decrypt_Tool_3.1.-WINDOWS64.zip 64BIT Download http://linkshrink.net/7e.. When you have an HTC Vive account, you can access the Vive Port app store for virtual reality games, content, and experiences. Use this document to set up HTC Vive, and troubleshoot if the Mini DisplayPort is not working with your Vive hardware

The USB cable that came with the phone was just loose, so if I laid my phone flat on a table facing up and I placed a small weight on the HTC USB cable, I am able to get it to charge the phone. I guess I am on my way to the Sprint Store to have them replace the faulty cable! Try another confirmed tested HDMI cable. [Solution] Buy another 15' HDMI cable and use it in junction with the 3 in 1 . Buy all new cables and fasten together your own DIY 3 in 1. Attempt RMA with HTC. I ended up contacting HTC support and let them know I discovered the problem

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  1. When your cable goes out unexpectedly or your cable output is lacking sound or displays a grainy picture, there is a good chance this has to do with your current setup. While calling the cable company to help resolve the issue may help, you may actually be in a situation where a small malfunction requires the simplest fix or troubleshooting.
  2. Owning an optical audio cable, often referred to as Toslink cable since they were originally developed by Toshiba, can be a very good way of connecting components in your system, but it's not always a perfect solution.An optical audio cable can be more prone to problems than a coaxial cable so you have to treat it carefully. Although it might look as sturdy as others, a Toslink cable is.
  3. One of the most common, and easily fixable problems when the HTC Vive headset is detected, or it's unresponsive. This issue can arise from issues with cable setup with your PC or base station, or a simple headset software issue. Check your connections. Check the connections between the headset and PC

Cable Devices Extension HTC tutorial You may experience problems with the sound while using the Vive's headphone extension cable. IF you do so, this tutorial will guide you how to successfully solve this problem Vive- optimized USB cable is sold separately by HTC. Push open the compartment cover to access the connector slots on the headset. Page 10 Hardware and product care Unplugging the 3-in-1 cable from the headset Push open the compartment cover to access the connector slots on the headset. Carefully pull the tab until the HDMI cable is unplugged

In general please review the troubleshooting steps outlined on the SteamVR site as issues with VR are usually hardware/setup related. Here's some general tips lifted from the above site: General PC Troubleshooting. Update GPU drivers from Device Manager (Device Manager > Display adapters > Update Driver Software 12 Advanced Undocumented Troubleshooting. 12.1 Headset not detected; 12.2 Games not loading; 12.3 Unofficial Videocard support; 12.4 Jitters; 13 F.A.Q. about HTC Vive. 13.1 Where do you buy HTC Vive? 13.2 What is the HTC Vive price? 13.3 Are the HTC Vive games compatible with the Oculus? 13.4 How to use the HTC Vive without drilling holes When i unplug the hdmi cable the headset it was working normally when I turn it right left up down it work normally only on the pc screen !!! but the headset screen not working!! I thought it's the hdmi Cable so i tried another Cable still the same problem . So i remember when i was playing boxvr i did sweat a lo HTC Desire 626 0PM912000 User Guide - AT&T For help with any problems you may be experiencing, check the HTC Desire Troubleshooting page. Background and Identification The HTC Desire smart phone was announced in February 2010, and was first released in March 2010. HTC Desire Repair - iFixit: The Free Repair Manual View and Download HTC Desire. Windows® Phone 8X by HTC® Insert the small end of the USB cable into the USB connector. 2. Insert the other end of the USB cable into the power adapter. 3. Plug in the power adapter to an electrical outlet to start charging the battery. As the battery is being charged, the notification LED shows a solid red light. The ligh

Browse All Articles > Troubleshooting Your HTC Droid DNA Try using a different cable to charge your device, if available. Bad Battery If the phone is able to charge, but the charge does not last very long, your battery is most likely dying and may need replacement. Here is a link to. Reattach the coaxial cable to the TV box and the cable wall outlet (or splitter), ensuring they are finger-tight. Reattach the power cable to your TV box. If reseating the cable didn't solve your issue, read the Shaw TV Troubleshooting FAQ. Bypass the splitter. If you use a cable splitter, you may need to remove it Cable Remote Control General Considerations: With the Cable Remote Control you can control beyond your Cable or satelite receiver or other Set Top Box models (there are over a thousand controls), your TV, DVD, Home Theater, BD and more. *****ATTENTION***** THIS APP ONLY WORKS ON SMARTPHONES WITH INFRARED (IR) OR OUR WIFI ADAPTER Plug Remote Control * Now Cable Remote Control also compatible.

due to legal issues i will discontinue android development with proprietary elements (as HTC sense) and continue my work on open-source -----23 - JULY - 2010 - NEW ZIMAGE 1. increased touch screen sample max - from 30 per sec up to 200 per sec. 2. AC/USB charging and connection works if cable was unplugged during haret start Dépannage du Steam VR + HTC Vive. Bienvenue sur le guide de dépannage du HTC Vive + Steam VR. Vous trouverez des informations pour le dépannage de la première génération du kit de développement ici.. Les instructions de dépannage ci-dessous s'appliquent également pour le kit Vive Pre Développeur, la seule différence étant que les kits Vive Pre utilisent des voyants blancs au lieu. Telstra Smart Troubleshooting - Fix service issues online. Smart Troubleshooting Fix, setup or manage your services online. Run automated tests to resolve your query online, and if we can't fix it, skip the queue to talk to someone directly

No problem. Cable Matters also makes a low-cost adapter that lets you plug your monitor's HDMI cable into a DisplayPort on the back of your PC. See at Amazon. Check your PC. If the HDMI cable is currently plugged into your PC, unplug it, check the end for any damage, and plug it back into the HDMI port on your GPU HTC Amaze 4G update; HTC Desire; HTC Desire 510; HTC Desire 530; HTC Desire 626s; HTC Flyer™ 4G; Quick troubleshooting The Community. Telephone. Email Soutien Affaires > Internet Support > Cable Internet > Quick troubleshooting Français; English. Needed a replacement charger cable which they didn't sell on their website, no other cable I've tried (I've tried a lot) charges my phone correctly so the phone battery drops fast (within an hour of a full charge) and dies at 20% left. HTC advised I buy one from eBay, I was not satisfied with this as they're not genuine products

I am a current HTC customer *Required By checking this box and providing a telephone number above, you authorize Alarm.com's authorized service providers to call you or send text messages for advertising or marketing purposes to the telephone number you provided above using an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded. verizon-5g-home-internet-troubleshooting. Select Your Device HTC Desire® 626 ZenPad™ Z8 LG G Pad 8.3 LTE HTC One M9 LG G Pad™ X8.3 HTC One® Apple® iPad mini™ (7.9-inch). Read Online Htc Wildfire Troubleshooting Guide Htc Wildfire Troubleshooting Guide As recognized, adventure as skillfully as experience very nearly lesson, amusement, as competently as concord can be gotten by just checking out a books htc wildfire troubleshooting guide as well as it is not directly done, you could put up with even more roughly this life, concerning the world HTC One M9 is a flagship phone from HTC, which was introduced at MWC 2015. The device is a successor of One M8. With the same design as its predecessor, M9 comes with a better specification. Many people admired M9 not only because of the great aluminum unibody design but also because it has a fast and excellent software HTC Desire 530 - Troubleshooting - I can't use tethering (Tethering isn't used correctly) HTC Desire 530. Android 6.0 Home; Device help HTC Desire 530 Connectivity I can't use tethering Connect the data cable to the.

The Ultimate HTC Vive Setup & Troubleshooting Guide

HTC 10: Common Problems and How to Solve Them Digital Trend

xda-developers HTC Desire HD Desire HD Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting HTC Desire HD A9191 - Charge only from pc usb cable by sator1975 FORUMS Desire HD Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting Also, cable wires should be installed in areas with high traffic. Make sure the cable box and its connections are free of extensive movement or disturbance. Solution #3 - Expert Help. If solution #1 and solution #2 doesn't resolve the comcast ref code s0a00 error, you must opt for solution #3. This is considered as one of the most obvious. HTC Vive Troubleshooting. The purpose of this wiki is to collect troubleshooting solutions, both from Valve/HTC, and from users who have discovered unofficial fixes. Official Fixes. This section is for any relevant official documentation from Valve/HTC. SteamVR Troubleshooting. This is the official troubleshooting guide from Valve. SteamVR.

Download HTC One M8 drivers for Windows HTC ONE M8 DRIVER DOWNLOAD LINK | File name: HTC_Driver_4.10..001.exe (17 MB) HTC BMP USB DRIVER 32-bit | 64-bit. HTC One M8 Drivers Installation. NOTE: Delete any previously installed drivers for HTC One M8 from your PC before installing the new drivers.. Run the HTC_Driver_4.10..001.exe file you downloaded above and follow the on-screen. Cable Matters Active USB 3.0 Extension Cable is an indispensable accessory to bring your USB peripherals within reach Try a new USB cable and another computer. Some cables are power only. Connect Android device to PC directly instead of through USB hub. Reboot phone and connect to PC while in Airplane mode. Remove battery and SIM card, and wait a while, then put them back and reboot

Network troubleshooting. To check for a network interface, Run ip a or ifconfig. If the pmOS device's network interface is up but it has no IP address, try manually running a DHCP client. If that fails, check your kernel configuration. Some downstream kernels require writing a value to sysfs before the network comes up. Example from device-htc. 4. The product does not come with a battery charger, even though it comes with a charging cable (you have to use one of your Vive controller chargers or another compatible charger if you happen to own one). For $300, I feel as though including a charger was the least HTC could have done. 5 The LTE Network Extender uses standard ports to make a connection through the internet. It shouldn't require any special port configuration. In those rare instances where the LTE Network Extender is unable to connect to the Verizon network, you may need to open ports 50, 500, 4500, 53 and 52428

Can't connect to WhatsApp Web or Desktop - Problems with your phone, computer, or Wi-Fi connection are some of the common reasons why you might not be able to send or receive messages on WhatsApp Web or Desktop. Phone connection problems If you're unable to send or receive messages on WhatsApp from your phone, then you won't be able to use WhatsApp Web or Desktop on your computer. Open. Follow the steps below on your Samsung. 1 - Activate the USB debugging mode on your Samsung. We'll show you how to do this below: - Go to Applications - Settings - About this device - Build number (press Build number various times until you get a You are now a developer!message) Visit T-Mobile Support for help with phones & internet devices, plans & services, billing, and more Specifications document for the HP Z VR Backpack HTC Vive Combo Cable

Hello Ive had my HTC one m8 for over 2 years now and recently the micro USB port has been acting up. It only works , i.e can charge and transmit data, when the cable plugged in is at a certain angle, usually it has to be bent downwards (with the screen facing up), but not too far down. Sometimes. HTC One not charging or turning on is a general problem that the users of HTC One keep on facing sometimes. Suddenly, the phone goes off and does not get charged or turned on though connected to a charger, and the screen remains black Before you turn on and start using HTC One, it is recommended that you charge the battery. Use only the adapter and the USB cable that came with HTC One to charge the battery. 1. Insert the small end of the USB cable into the USB connector. 2. Insert the other end of the USB cable into the power adapter. 3 HTC One M7- Weak Signal reception problem. There is a solution for weak signal problem. Just follow the simple solution to get rid of the network issues B. Check that the online or cable light is lit and stable on your modem. Otherwise, the modem may not be connected to the Videotron network. Reset the modem as indicated below. How to reset the modem: If you have a cable modem: Unplug the device's electric cable, wait 20 seconds, then plug the cable back in

The list of 4 most often problems with connecting Android to PC (with a USB cable) When you connect Android to PC, the phone is not showing up on PC (you hear the sound of the device being connected but nothing else happens when you connect your phone to your computer). This looks like the computer is not recognizing USB/phone Start from the source: Is the wall socket providing power? Is the cord plugged in? The cable may be damaged, so try another cable. When charging from a USB port on a computer, ensure that the computer is turned on. Most computers don't provide USB power when they're turned off. Also, some USB ports may not supply enough power to charge the. No internet connection (causes, troubleshooting, fixes, computer, phone, tablet)? Find the best solutions for your case: 'Computer','Mobile Device','I use a router','I use a modem','After a lightning strike','After deleting a virus','I have a monthly data limit','I live in the USA','Nothing else worked','No visible Wi−Fi connections at all','After upgrading to Windows 10','I use Comcast. One HTC account for your phone and VR world. Sign in HTC account to manage personal info, security option and privacy preference

Why Does My TV Say No Signal? A Quick Troubleshooting

Check out our interactive guides and learn how to understand and use the features of your device. Search for your device or check out one of our most popular devices below Windows 7 SP1 64-bit (Windows 10 recommended) Nvidia GTX 640 or 980M or ATI HD 7000/Rx 200; Intel Core i5-2500k or equivalent; If you have a Windows 'N' edition, make sure to install the Media Feature Pack for your version of Window Remove the battery, power cable and USB cable from the power box. Unscrew the 4 screws from the battery facing side of the power box using a Phillips-head/Crosshead screwdriver. Remove the grated plastic side of the casing by applying pressure inward and upward on the notch at the bottom of the power box

HTC Vive Sound Not Working Problems and Troubleshooting

10 problems with the HTC One (M8) and how to fix the

HTC One M9 - Troubleshooting - I can't use tethering on my phone (Your computer and phone haven't been set up for tethering correctly If you fail to connect the target phone or computer, you need to check your network or USB cable. Please change to another network or USB cable, and put two devices closed to each other during the wireless transfer. #4. Can Not Find Backed Up Data. It is also a common problem that you can not find your backed up data

Get help troubleshooting your Sprint device online. Answer a few questions about common device issues and we'll help get it resolved HTC One M8. S-Off; MicroSD Card; HTC One M7. S-Off; USB OTG Cable with USB power support; USB Drive; Keep in mind this is only for GSM versions of the HTC One, meaning that Sprint and Verizon users are out of luck. Step 1: Find Your IMEI Number. To get your unlock code, you are first going to need your International Mobile Station Equipment. HTC One SV - Troubleshooting - You can't use tethering (Your computer or phone hasn't been set up correctly Xda-developers HTC Glacier, myTouch 4G myTouch 4G Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting HTC Drivers will not install by nishith611 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Make sure the driver for the HTC MyTouch is up to date search online. My device Android to get all Android phone, and brand The HTC Vive is here, and like any new piece of technology, it's a giant pain in the ass to set up. The tiniest mistake can send you spiraling into a day-long troubleshooting hole

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Pritam's Information Guide<br /> for Technical issue HTC and Valve recommend a PC with at least an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290 GPU, an Intel i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 CPU, 4GB of RAM, HDMI 1.4 or DisplayPort 1.2 video output, a USB 2.0 port. Cable Matters Long USB to USB Extension Cable (USB 3.0 Extension Cable) in Black 10 ft for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR Headset and More 4.7 out of 5 stars 6,638 $8.9 HTC Desire 310 - Troubleshooting - You can't use tethering (Your computer or phone hasn't been set up correctly

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The replacement cable did not fix the issue yet support forced me to do the same troubleshooting steps yet again! Finally they agreed to set it up for repair. So I sent it out AT MY OWN COST and after 3 weeks to a month I got it back, in worse condition than I sent it out in! Now all I get is flashing light and never see or hear ANYTHING The first time I wore the HTC Vive, it was like putting on a century-old metal diving suit. It was a heavy, hideous-looking 3D-printed early unit with a thick bundle of cords streaming out the back And there's not one included in the HTC Vive box - just a HDMI cable. Aaaaarrrggghhh! Those yet to set-up their HTC Vive's and have time need to consider a couple of solutions Step 1 Install One Click Root and run it on your PC.. Step 2 Connect your HTC to your PC via USB cable, wait until One Click Root recognizes your device automatically.. Step 3 One simple click on Root Now button and you can start rooting process successfully. The root process may sometimes last a long time. Just make sure HTC is well connected to the computer, and wait patiently Learn how to set up the ZED Mini on HTC Vive. 1. Connect the 4m USB type-C cable to the camera. Make sure to plug the cable with the small arrow on the connector facing you. If dropped frames are visible, this can be due to USB 3.0 bandwidth limitations on your PC. Check out our Troubleshooting tips to solve this. 3. Enter the world of MR

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7 HTC 10 problems and how to fix them Trusted Review

Troubleshoot and resolve common issues with cell phones, tablets, wearables & wireless devices sold by AT&T Audio cable with 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm jack plug USB charging cable with micro-USB connector Quick guide Quick guide Safety guide Safety guide A list of accessories can be found at www.sennheiser.com. For information on suppliers, contact your local Sennheiser partner: www.sennheiser.com > Sales Partner

Xbox One Controller Not Working? 4 Tips on How to Fix It!PSVR Aim Controller Troubleshooting and FAQServices – Castle CableFix firmware update error on your HTC Vive ControllerArris Touchstone TM804 TM804G EMTA Docsis 3
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